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Kris Peter 

Kris is an artist who finds joy in the simplicity and beauty of natural objects, and seeks to share this through her watercolour paintings.  She is inspired by nature and the beauty of the beach, the bush and its animals.  Subjects for her works vary from the simple – a gum leaf, a shell, a feather, to her intricate studies of rock pools, the patterns of bark on tree trunks and the delicate strength and honesty of her bird studies.  She was inspired by the works of Raymond Harris Ching, Robert Bateman and Melbourne watercolour artist Alan Rawady.
Kris has been a “hands-on” carer for an aviary of Australian birds, as well as a keen birdwatcher.  She finds her interactions with birds a wonderfully rewarding  experience, as well as providing excellent opportunities to observe her feathered subjects at close range.
Kris is an active member and exhibition director/councillor of the Wildlife Art Society of Australasia (WASA), a Signatory member and former councillor of the Australian Guild of Realist Artists (AGRA) and an exhibiting member of the Victorian Artists Society. She is a supporter of Birdlife Australia and International Fund for Animal Welfare.

 These originals below were sold at Old Post Office Seymour
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