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Janette Doyle

I have been painting and drawing since I was a child but have only publicly exhibited my artwork in the last 8 years. My artwork has been absorbed by many private collectors, charities, schools, family, friends and private commissions.

After leaving high school and following a career path in Nursing, Art took a backseat however I regard Art as one of my fondest hobbies and I have undertaken formal training, continuing with an Advanced Diploma in Visual Arts. I pursue many forms of art including painting, folk art, cake decorating, bridal floristry and woodwork. Choosing to devote more of my time to fine art – painting, I am attempting to develop a collection to do a featured exhibition although demand frequently exceeds supply. As a working mother to three children, a committed leader to a local youth group and a devoted wife to a workaholic husband, “art time” is a rarity, however my ambition as time allows, is to dedicate more time each week to pursue art more frequently. I am a current member of Wildlife Art Society of Australasia (WASA)

I wish to develop works of art to capture the essence of nature and to glorify an awesome God. Only He deserves the glory and praise for allowing us to enjoy His animals and scenery. What better way to stand in awe than to paint the sun catching the feathers of a bird or the raindrops on a leaf with a thick carpet of bark and ferns on the forest floor. If I can portray a fraction of what God has fashioned then I will have accomplished what I set out to do.
My achievements…

  • winner “Best Show Theme” Lilydale Agricultural Society Show -  2007
  • Finalist WASA Wild Awards - 2008
  • winner of the bronze award Lilydale Agricultural Society Show - 2008
  • regular exhibiter in the Camberwell Rotary Art Show since 2006
  • Highly Commended Bayside Rotary Art Show - 2008
  • Highly Commended Box Hill Rotary Art Show - 2008
  • Runner up Presidents award WASA/BOCA “All about birds” Art Show - 2009
  • Third - Presidents Most Popular Artworks award WASA/BOCA “All about birds” Art Show - 200

The Paintings below by have been sold at Seymourjd250Craigs-Hut.jpg JD-girls.jpgjd300Contrast-of-Nature.jpg  jd300Out-of-the-Blue.jpg

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