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Fiona Anderson 

Fiona is a practicing Small Animal Veterinarian working and living in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Her passion for animals extends into her art where Fiona paints and draws animals and birds of all types especially equine and wildlife subjects. Each piece of work is painted with the aim to capture the integrity and uniqueness of an individual animal, be it family pet or tiger, parrot or galloping horse. Brought up on the edge of Melbourne, she was surrounded by a menagerie of wildlife, pets and farm animals, helping her to develop her interest in the animal world. Ducks were early subject material then later the enthusiasm turned to horses both to ride and to draw. Art took on a back seat as Fiona completed a University Degree in Veterinary Science with honors. There was simply no time even to sketch with long work hours first in country Victoria then working in a busy Melbourne welfare hospital. It was only after leaving this busy hospital, and the gift of a box of pastels, she started to draw and paint again. Fiona is actively involved in the Wildlife Artist Society of Australasia, the Pastel Society of Victoria and Friends of the Zoo Art Exhibition.  Her work was depicted in the 2006 RSPCA Wildlife of Australia Calender.

Fiona is a regular exhibitor and the Old Post Office Seymour.
Below are just some of the paintings created by Fiona that have been sold at SeymourFA-300-All_about_the_face_III.jpgFA-300-A_Moments_Rest.jpg

FAw---Satu---Sumatran-Tiger.jpg  fa300tiger.jpg FA-cousin.jpg FA-Clydesdale.jpg FA-Clydesdale2.jpg  fa300bub.jpg FA-blackwhite.jpg fa300bear.jpg FA-putty-.jpg FA-please_share.jpg

 fa300winter.jpg   fa300snow.jpg  fa300meercat.jpg FA-300-sun_and_warmth.jpg FA-300-temptation.jpg FA-300-tiger-intense.jpg FA-orang.jpgFA-300-too_cute.jpg

fa300cubs.jpg fa300cogar.jpgFA-300-dog.jpg FA-300-horse.jpg FA-300-contemplation.jpg 
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