Agnes Szetey
Agnes has a Hungarian heritage and was born in Europe and migrated to Australia with her parents and sister. At the tender age of six her love and interest began to emerge and she knew her future was in painting. By fourteen her life's ambition was more apparent as she was devoting all her time and efforts to painting.

Agnes is mainly self-taught, thus demonstrating the passion and dedication she has had all her life to painting. She completed a course at Monash University in the Old Master's Techniques to further diversify and enhance her talent and over the years she expanded and broadened her knowledge in her chosen medium - oil! Her oil paintings range in size from miniatures to mural size, all are given the same depth and light.
Throughout the years Agnes has won a number of prestigious art prizes and numerous highly commended awards, which in turn has kept her dedicated and motivated to continue creating her works of Art. With over a dozen solo exhibitions, some complete sell outs, her paintings have been purchased by overseas and Australian investors and collectors who all admire her work.  Many prominent art critics have praised Agnes' work.
While maintain a full time job and bring up her family Agnes has maintained her passion for painting for nearly fifty years. Currently Agnes resides in the beautiful Mountains of the Yarra Valley with her husband Frank, who has been her greatest support over the years.
Agnes delights in translating something beautiful into a piece of individual artwork thus creating pleasure for her many admirers. She continues to paint and express her love of nature, history, the Victorian High Country and the lush Valleys and natural bush land around her home with each work of art capturing the essence of Australia.

Agnes has been exhibiting with Louise since 1984 and August 2014 was her seventh solo exhibition at the Old Post Office Seymour. Agnes is a full time artist and regularly has work on display in Seymour.
The paintings below and many more have been sold at Old Post Office Seymour.AS-the-picnic.jpg

AS19the-family-51x76-400w.jpg AS17-Billabong-Lilies-102x76-1400w.jpg


AS2-the-lily-pond-31x62-250w.jpgAS16-High-country-race_91_x_61_2400w.jpgAS1-reflections-31x62-250w.jpgAS6-five-roses-please-51x42-320w.jpg  AS3-Cool-waters-46x63-380w.jpg AS4-Walk-in-the-park-30x40-180w.jpg

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